bloody best

Thursday, May 30th
Escaping from a mental institution, the masked killer Michael Myers returns to his hometown on Halloween night to continue his murderous spree. As babysitter Laurie Strode, becomes his target, she must fight to survive the night.
The Devil's Rain
Friday, May 31st
A man's quest to find his missing father leads him to a remote desert town ruled by a satanic preacher. As he uncovers the town's dark secrets, he must face the diabolical forces at play and save his family.
Frightfest Saturday Scares with Alan Jones S1E4 "Tenebrae"
Saturday, June 1st
Alan Jones, acclaimed in the Frightfest circle, hosts 'Tenebrae,' a 1982 Italian giallo film by Dario Argento, known for its stylish horror, intricate plot, and a mysterious killer.
The Gorgon
Sunday, June 2nd
The legendary creature takes on a human form and begins to terrorise an innocent village by turning its occupants to stone.


At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul9:00 pm

A cruel undertaker who scoffs at religion and superstition finds himself cursed to die at midnight on the Day of the Dead. As the clock ticks, he faces the supernatural consequences of his heartless actions.



Bell From Hell11:00 pm

A man who was locked away in an asylum for years is set free and ready to seek revenge on those who placed there.

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