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The Devonsville Terror
Tuesday, April 16th
In a small town, the descendants of 17th-century witch hunters begin to pay the price for the sins of their forefathers when a mysterious woman arrives.
The Cat o' Nine Tails
Wednesday, April 17th
When a reporter and journalist become involved in a series of murders they too become targets for the killer.
The Grim Reaper
Thursday, April 18th
A group of vacationing college kids mistakenly awaken the Grim Reaper during a Ouija board session. As they are hunted down one by one, they must figure out how to appease the entity before it's too late.
And Now the Screaming Starts!
Friday, April 19th
Set in the late 18th century, a young bride is terrorized by a spectral hand in her ancestral British estate. As the haunting escalates, she must unravel her family's dark past to put an end to the terror.


Chris Alexander S1E4 "Terror Train"04/15/2024 09:00pm

The original NYX TV series, helmed by Chris Alexander, former editor of Fangoria, offers a deep dive into the realm of Canadian horror cinema, spotlighting some of the genre's most influential and intriguing films. Alexander, a director and respected figure in the horror community, brings his extensive knowledge and passion to the series, guiding viewers through a curated selection of films that includes titles like "Shivers," "Rituals," "Terror Train," and "Cannibal Girls." Each episode is not only a celebration of these films but also an exploration of their context within both Canadian cinema and the broader horror genre.



Rabid04/15/2024 11:30pm

After a woman undergoes experiemental plastic surgery she becomes a crazed flesh-eater infecting all she feeds from.

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