bloody best

Chris Alexander S1E2 "Rituals"
Monday, February 26th
The original NYX TV series, helmed by Chris Alexander, former editor of Fangoria, offers a deep dive into the realm of Canadian horror cinema, spotlighting some of the genre's most influential and intriguing films.
Man from Deep River
Tuesday, February 27th
An American photographer is captured by a primitive tribe in Thailand. He learns their customs and falls in love with a tribal woman. As he assimilates into the tribe, he is forced to confront their violent rituals.
The Devil's Rain
Wednesday, February 28th
A man's quest to find his missing father leads him to a remote desert town ruled by a satanic preacher. As he uncovers the town's dark secrets, he must face the diabolical forces at play and save his family.
Terror Train
Thursday, February 29th
Several years after a prank goes wrong a set of students on board a train become the target of a masked killer


Countess Dracula02/25/2024 09:00pm

Based on the real-life horrors of Elizabeth Bathory, a countess discovers bathing in virgin's blood restores her youth. As her obsession grows, so does the body count, leading to her ultimate downfall.



The House on the Edge of the Park02/25/2024 11:00pm

When two criminals gate-crash a party and after their hosts taunt them decide to show them their true and very violent sides

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