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Motel Hell
Tuesday, June 25th
It takes all kinds of critters to make these special fritters but can you guess what exactly in this classic slasher?
The House by the Cemetery
Wednesday, June 26th
When a home is a focus point for gruesome murders the residents uncover a gruesome secret which is hiding in the basement.
Thursday, June 27th
In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by vampires, an orphan is taken under the wing of a skilled vampire hunter known as Mister. Together, they travel across the ravaged American landscape, battling both the undead and dangerous human factions
The House on the Edge of the Park
Friday, June 28th
When two criminals gate-crash a party and after their hosts taunt them decide to show them their true and very violent sides


Sinister Cinema with Chris Alexander S1E7 "The Mask"9:00 pm

Chris Alexander presents The Mask; A psychiatrist acquires a tribal mask that, when worn, plunges him into a nightmarish world of phantasmagorical horrors. His obsession with understanding the mask's power leads him down a spiralling path of madness and destruction.



The Bird with The Crystal Plumage11:30 pm

A giallo classic where a writer and his girlfriend become the target of a serial killer.

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